You just entered to the college, is your first day at class and is trying to make new friends. The guys are actually pretty cool, so they invite you to hang out and have some drinks.
What do you do?

The record company Novo Tempo (@gravadorant), the label from Seventh Day Church in Brazil, launched this week a game developed for the Instagram. The game called “Different” is the first game in Brazil following this new category (gospel-game) on Instagram.

The story shows a character who just entered to the college, made new friends and have to make choices between keeping their Christian principles or omit them. The player (you) needs to decide for the character what to do and each choice goes for a different end.

The game is very simple and doesn’t present animation or amazing graphics, but is interesting, interactive and presents a new idea to try to catch the attention of people, mainly young people who have joined to the college or got a new job.

Whoever gets to the end will know more about the new album from Daniel Lüdtke, pastor and singer which will release his new album with the same name: “Different”.

That’s a creative way how to use Social Media to connect with the young people and remind them the importance to stand in their principles. You may break the traditions, but never the principles.

Be “Different like Jesus”

This article is based on the news from Novo Tempo.