This last weekend I had the honor to share a little bit about my experience as a Social Media during the #GAiN2017 in Newbold College, UK. For all those joined the presentation or want to know more about this topic, please, download here the full presentation.

This workshop is a step by step guide on how to start a nice Facebook page for your church using simple ideas to help you design posts, create content, build an online community to connect people and share the gospel.

The workshop talk includes the following topics:

  1. Why start with a Facebook page and not with other social media channels?                        ⁠
  2. Business Page vs Profile account
  3. Setting up a personalized URL, cover photo, profile and basic information
  4. How to design posts to Facebook? (Using Photoshop or free tools)
  5. Where to find free resources to use on my Social Media Channels?
  6. What kind of content should I publish on it?
  7. Connecting my Facebook page with Instagram and Twitter
  8. How to schedule publications?
  9. How to use Facebook live?
  10. Watching numbers to increase engagement
  11. Understanding your audience
  12. Getting inspiration (cases)